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Streamline Data Analysis with Minitab

Data is all around us, but are you maximizing its full potential? With Minitab Statistical Software, you can analyze past and present data to identify trends, predict patterns, expose connections between variables, and produce impressive visual representations to tackle the most complex challenges and opportunities. Check out some of the main features below:

Minitab Statistical Software

Discover Trends

Minitab Statistical Software (Minitab SS) enables businesses to enhance their ability to forecast and develop to decrease expenses and increase income. With its software and services available on the cloud, Minitab SS provides a one-of-a-kind integrated approach to drive business excellence. Some of the statistical tests that Minitab SS covers are t-tests, normality tests, chi-square and equivalence tests.

Minitab Statistical Software

Predict Outcomes

Your company can conveniently analyze its data and gain in-depth insights with Minitab SS. You can also make predictions, compare options, and forecast efficiently. The software offers methods to support data analysis and it can be integrated it with open-source languages. Through its Predictive Analytics Module, you can access machine learning algorithms like Classification and Regression Trees (CART®).

Minitab Statistical Software

Visualise Results

Visual representations play a crucial role in communicating your company’s discoveries and accomplishments. To showcase your data and reinforce your analysis, Minitab offers Graph Builder. This interactive tool allows you to browse a range of graphs without having to re-run your analysis. Graph Builder updates from bar charts to correlograms, using the same data selection each time. As a result, you can concentrate on choosing the best visualization to highlight your insights.

What else can Minitab offer? 

In addition to these features, Minitab Statistical Software offers a range of modules designed to address different needs including:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer Contact Center
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Industry
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Sample Size
  • Supply Chain

Ready to try Minitab Statistical Software? Request a free trial of through the following link: Free Trial.

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