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Improving Sales with Minitab’s Training

In today's competitive business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just quality products; it demands a data-driven approach to understand customer needs and make informed decisions. Buckman, a global leader in the chemical industry, recognized this and embarked on a journey to empower their sales associates with Minitab, ultimately reshaping their business and driving remarkable results.

To approach their transformation, the company focused on Minitab’s broader application beyond the traditional Lean Six Sigma framework. They recognized that it could benefit any role that involved data analysis. Therefore, they devised two distinct training courses:

  1. A yellow belt course, focused on the traditional DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) process and the “soft” tools of quality improvement.
  2. A data analysis and statistical tools course targeting the organization’s sales associates.

The second option, the data analysis and statistical tools course, was designed to align with their sales process -breaking it into manageable stages-. It aimed to help sales associates:

  • Gain knowledge of customer processes.
  • Plan, run, evaluate, and sell new chemical programs.
  • Manage ongoing chemical programs.
  • Solve problems.
In this course, sales associates learned about control charting, hypothesis testing, capability analysis, and correlation with practical examples that use the data analysis tools available in Minitab Statistical Software. They also learned to visualize their data using the platforms graphs and charts, helping them evaluate the impact of Buckman's chemistry solutions on customer processes.

Minitab helped demystify statistics and successfully teach something that has been perceived as complicated. To provide supplementary guidance, the associates had access to Quality Trainer, Minitab’s e-learning course that teaches quality statistics and data analysis.

Improving Sales with Minitab’s Training

In a period of 3 years, Buckman trained over 500 field sales associates worldwide, leading to a notable shift in the organization's culture towards data-driven decision-making. Their Research & Development teams are also exploring how to leverage Minitab for data analysis in their product development and laboratory testing.

Through their data-driven work, sales associates have enhanced their understanding of customers' systems, making them more knowledgeable and confident. This increased confidence has translated into new business opportunities and protected existing business. By embracing data-driven thinking and continuous improvement, Buckman is positioning itself for long-term success.

In Conclusion

Buckman's transformative journey displays the importance of training and the impact it can have on an organization. This data-driven approach is proof of the potential informed decision-making has and could serve as an inspiration to other businesses seeking to enhance their sales efforts.

Ready to revolutionize your company with Minitab Education Hub? Contact Andrea Lopes, our Director of Education & Training, at Bring your data to life.