Predictive Analytics Workshop – Public Session

The focus of this workshop is to introduce predictive analytics to anyone interested in learning more about statistics and software. Participants range from students to business and technology professionals interested in learning more about this emerging power new field. This is a beginner class so no experience is required. Participants will learn about Predictive Analytics, Data Mining and IBM SPSS Modeler software and take a hands-on tour of Modeler at our complimentary three-hour instructor led session. Get hands-on experience with IBM SPSS Modeler software to help you better understand the distinctive value of its easy-to-use, rapid-prototyping, predictive modeling and deployment capabilities.


Experience the intuitive, interactive IBM SPSS Modeler interface, which features expert nodes for experienced analysts and automated modeling capabilities for novices


Get step-by-step guidance through 3 common applications of predictive analytics: finding patterns and groups, using the past to predict the future and decision optimization.


Apply automated data preparation that incorporates structured and unstructured data, predictive techniques, and deployment options to real-world business issues

Predictive Analytics Workshop


(Public Session)

with IBM SPSS Modeler

Wednesday May 28th, 2014

8:30am – 12:00pm

Calgary, AB  IBM Calgary Headquarter  (Rocky Room B)  227 11 Ave SW

Sponsored By:

Bow River Solutions Inc.

Bow River Solutions Inc.