Peak Project

Peak Project

Welcome to your last data analytics adventure


40 Hours






$2,049 CAD

Embark on your Peak Project Journey

Welcome to Peak Project! As the pinnacle of our Data Analytics program, Peak Project offers a transformative experience, synthesizing your acquired skills into a comprehensive analysis. Over 40 intense hours, you'll embark on an end-to-end journey, showcasing your mastery in data analytics.

Guided by six phases, you'll craft a compelling presentation demonstrating your ability to extract insights, solve challenges, and drive decision-making. While you'll lead this expedition, our instructors stand ready to support and guide you as needed.

By the finale, you'll integrate analytical skills from previous courses, select fitting datasets, manage the project lifecycle, and deliver a captivating presentation. Through this journey, you'll not only refine your skills but also demonstrate professional readiness, paving the way for your future success.

 3 Reasons to Study This Course

Peak Project

1. Complete Synthesis

Apply acquired skills in an end-to-end analysis, showcasing mastery in business analytics.

Peak Project

2. Real-World Application

Address complex analytical questions using appropriate datasets for practical insights.

Peak Project

3. Professional Showcase

Construct compelling presentations demonstrating analytical prowess for potential employers.

  Course Details

This intensive 40-hour course is the culmination of the Data Analytics program, allowing students to apply their skills in a real-world analysis. With personalized guidance, students showcase their mastery through an end-to-end analysis, preparing for success in the field.

  Learning Outcomes

Integrate skills from previous courses for a data-driven project. Select and analyze appropriate data sets. Manage project lifecycle and deliver compelling presentations, demonstrating readiness for the professional world.

  Topics of Instruction

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Data Preparation and Exploration
  3. Analysis Execution
  4. Results Compilation
  5. Presentation Development
  6. Presentation Delivery and Review

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