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In working with companies to help them improve their financial performance, we’ve found that Controllers are often the ones who are experiencing the most challenges getting the information and reports they need. One of the main issues is not being able to access the right data they need to report on their company’s finances.

  • Excel is difficult when doing forecasting and planning, and trying to consolidate plans in excel is tedious and error prone
  • Companies’ financial system doesn’t allow for the deeper analysis needed to understand where money can be saved or profits increased. For example, looking at sales per region isn’t as effective as drilling down to cities and individual stores or locations
  • Producing accurate and timely reports for executives is labour intensive and it is difficult to access all the required information in the proper format
We’ve had great success in tackling these issues and ones like them. We are always open to sharing knowledge in this area and grabbing coffee with anyone interested in chatting about company accounting and finance. It’s great to meet new people and if we can’t help, we might know someone who can.

If you have 10 minutes, drop us a line and we’ll take you out for coffee.

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