HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

Welcome to your new web development adventure.


20 Hours






$1,024 CAD

Embark on Your Web Development Journey for Beginners

Welcome to our HTML and CSS for Beginners course, where we will introduce you to the dynamic world of web development. Tailored to your learning needs, this interactive experience immerses you in the essentials of creating stunning web pages.

With a personalized approach, we will guide you from the basics to advanced concepts, ensuring your success in web development. Dive deep into HTML structure and CSS styling techniques, including responsive design principles.

Join us and unlock your potential as you embark on this transformative journey into web development. Let us build your future together.

 3 Reasons to Study This Course

HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

1. Web Basics

Establish foundational knowledge for web development with HTML and CSS.

HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

2. Design Control

Learn to style and layout web pages effectively with CSS.

HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

3. Practical Application

Build your own website from scratch, applying newly acquired skills.

  Course Details

We offer a personalized approach, fostering your growth in a supportive environment. From understanding HTML syntax to mastering CSS layout techniques, we will cover essential topics to kick-start your journey. We will guide you through creating responsive layouts, implementing multimedia elements, and understanding semantic HTML. Join us and unlock the world of web design with confidence.

  Learning Outcomes

Master HTML and CSS basics for professional success. Develop essential web development skills, understand fundamental concepts, and gain confidence in building web pages.

  Topics of Instruction

  1. Introduction to HTML.
  2. HTML Text Formatting and Links.
  3. Working with Lists and Tables.
  4. HTML Forms and Input Elements.
  5. HTML Multimedia and Semantic Elements.
  6. Introduction to CSS.
  7. CSS Text and Color Styling.
  8. CSS Box Model and Positioning.
  9. Advanced Layout Techniques with Flexbox and Grid.
  10. Responsive Design and Advanced CSS Techniques.

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