Data Analytics Beginners Course

Data Analytics Beginners Course

Welcome to your data analytics journey.


5 Hours




On Demand


$255 CAD

Unlocking Data Insights: Beginner's Guide to Analytics

Embark on your data analytics adventure with our beginner-friendly course. No prior experience? No problem! We'll guide you through every step, ensuring you grasp the essentials of data analytics for professional success.

In just five hours, you'll dive into crucial topics. Unveil the power of data analytics: understand its significance and various types. Explore the backbone of modern data systems: relational databases and data warehousing. Master the art of data modeling and database design, laying the groundwork for efficient analysis. Conquer SQL fundamentals, unlocking the language of data manipulation with ease. Elevate your skills with data transformation techniques, ensuring your insights shine.

Join us and unlock the gateway to a world of data-driven possibilities!

 3 Reasons to Study This Course

Data Analytics Beginners Course

1. Prime Knowledge

Learn fundamentals of data analytics, including database concepts and SQL.

Data Analytics Beginners Course

2. Data Modeling Skills

Understand data modeling and database design principles.

Data Analytics Beginners Course

3. Data Transformation

Gain expertise in data cleaning and preparation using SQL.

  Course Details

Welcome to the Data Analytics Beginner Course! This personalized journey introduces fundamental concepts in data analytics, catering to individuals eager to embark on their data-driven career path. Over five hours, dive into relational databases, data modeling, SQL essentials, and data transformation techniques.

  Learning Outcomes

Gain a solid understanding of data analytics basics. Master relational database concepts and data modeling. Acquire essential SQL skills for data retrieval and filtering. Learn data cleaning techniques for effective data transformation.

  Topics of Instruction

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics
  2. Relational Database Concepts
  3. Data Modeling and Database Design
  4. SQL Fundamentals
  5. Data Transformation

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