Business Analytics Course

Business Analytics Course

Welcome to your new analytics adventure.


40 Hours






$2,049 CAD

Maximize Insights with Business Analytics

Step into the realm of advanced business analytics with our Business Analytics course. Designed as a seamless continuation from Statistical Analysis of Data, this program immerses you in practical applications of data analysis and modeling tools, empowering you to solve complex business challenges through data-driven insights.

Through hands-on experience with Microsoft's analytical tools, you'll learn to harness data for strategic decision-making, predictive analysis, and operational optimization. Dive deep into data analysis, modeling, predictive analytics, and data integration, bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.

By mastering Microsoft's suite of analytics tools, you'll be equipped to drive business insights, enhance data-driven strategies, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

 3 Reasons to Study This Course

Business Analytics Course

1. Strategic Insights

Harness data for strategic decision-making and gain competitive advantage.

Business Analytics Course

2. Predictive Analysis

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast trends and enhance business outcomes.

Business Analytics Course

3. Practical Application

Develop hands-on proficiency with analytical tools for real-world problem-solving.

  Course Details

This advanced course dives into tools, techniques, and methodologies for business analytics. Building on Statistical Analysis of Data, it emphasizes practical applications using Microsoft's tools for decision-making, predictive analysis, and optimization.

  Learning Outcomes

Master data analysis tools. Apply problem-solving techniques, especially with slow-changing dimensions. Develop skills in analytics modeling, predictive analysis, and data integration for strategic decision-making.

  Topics of Instruction

  1. Data Analysis and Modeling Tools
  2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis SCD
  3. Analytics Modeling and Data Preparation
  4. Predictive Analytics
  5. Data Exploration and Integration

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