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Calgary Saddledome Calgary Economic Development

Photo courtesy of Calgary Economic Development

When we think about Calgary often our first thought is about the energy industry and then possibly the Calgary Stampede. That’s a great start but there is so much more to the beautiful city than that. With a population over 1 million and access to great outdoor activities close by there is much to see and do. Calgary has expanded beyond the single industry of oil and gas with growth in other areas like financial services, technology, manufacturing, aerospace and others. Calgary is proud to be home to the second largest number of head offices in Canada – second only to Toronto. Despite this growth in a variety of industries there is still a big impact on the whole city when oil prices are down. We’re working hard to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue to offset this impact.  
Calgary Downtown Bow River

Bow River in Calgary

The Bow River Flows through Calgary on its path from the mountains through to the prairies. Bow River Solutions Inc. is named after this beautiful river flowing through Calgary.    

Business Analytics in Calgary

Bow River Solutions has been helping companies in Calgary with their reporting needs in a variety of departments. We have implemented business intelligence and predictive analytics projects reporting on contractor costs for HR departments, we have helped provide project teams with visibility into accounting systems. We have helped sales teams better understand their customer base and history. We have helped a variety of companies to understand their cycle time whether it was in reporting, distribution, or manufacturing. We have helped Business Analytics customers in Calgary with Big Data help in many departments including:
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Supply ChainCalgary
Our Calgary Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics customers have been able to gain great time efficiencies by building them efficient self-service reporting systems. We have helped to save our Calgary customers by reducing costs associated with marketing campaigns. By providing our Calgary Business Intelligence sales customers with Cognos Mobile reports we have helped provide the visibility into their customer base that has increased sales revenue. If you’re interested in finding options to increase your efficiency, save you money or increase your revenue email to schedule a Needs Assessment and find out how we can help you.