Many small businesses face challenges understanding the performance and opportunities in their business as they struggle to collate and visualize their data to support better decision making. Using experts to facilitate development of a BI strategy provides an independent view of your existing capability. We can deliver an initial BI review or a complete strategy and roadmap. Either way, you can rely on our expertise to identify how better intelligence can deliver value to your business. Bow River’s experience in the full range of Data Management, BI and Analytics enables us to work with senior leaders in subject matter experts (SME’s). By integrating data sources from across the business and combining them into a single reporting tool that gives SME’s a view of the business they never had before. This can include delivering automatic reporting services accessible anywhere using mobile devices. Contact us to discuss a free half day discovery session covering:
  • BI Opportunities and Strategy
  • Data Management
  • Self-Serve Data Visualization and Reporting
Contact us at or (587)-885-1090.