What’s more important than data? People of course!

Data isn’t Everything! As much as we love data and talk about “Data as the New Oil” we do have to admit that it isn’t everything. Having skilled people really is number one for every business.

We have helped our customers train and build their business intelligence teams and subject matter experts so they can make the most of their technology investments. Helping to move your company over to evidence based decisions and managing by the numbers is what we do. We have worked one on one with business users and trained 20-30 people at a time in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver and Victoria.

Request a Workshop, Demo, etc.

Click here to request a workshop, demo, on-demand solution etc. for you or your team. We organize courses and workshops to meet your needs; from a lunch and learn to full day classes.

Some personalized classes we can do for you:

Managing By Numbers for Retail
Advanced Analytics for Human Resources
Data Lakes Everywhere!
Watson Analytics versus Cognos Analytics
Artificial Intelligence – How AI Can Work For You!
Moving to the Cloud
Saving Time with Technology

Technology Help!

We are always happy to help with specific technology questions as well. Our personal favorite is to sit down with business users one-on-one to help troubleshoot and teach and help resolve any issues that come up. We are happy to work on-on-one to help you get ahead with Cognos, Tableau, Informatica, Microsoft Power BI, SSIS, and many others. Our experts in each of these areas can help you make the leaps you need to fully utilize the technology at hand. We also have cross-over experts that have expertise across multiple tools, especially helpful if you’re moving from one tool to another or needing to bridge gaps across the technologies available.

IBM Certified Training

We can also help you find the right IBM certified training class whether it is an Instructor-Led Online (ILO) Class, Self-Paced Virtual Class, or Client-Site Class.

Fill out the form above or contact us at info@bowriversolutions.com or (587)-885-1090. We can help your business gain the competitive advantage of using advanced analytics with a team that is not only comfortable with the technology but actually loving the capabilities of analytics and easily finding ways to save money and increase revenue.